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Boots Or Spoons? The Choice Is Yours…

boots n spoons
Just look at these boots – I have kicked a lot of ass in the last two years!

When I had CFS and adrenal exhaustion, I never used the “spoon theory” to measure my energy. Some days I didn’t have enough energy to shower, but I was not going to label myself as a “spoonie” or disabled person, even when the doc said I was. The symbol of a spoon of energy just didn’t resonate with me.

Maybe I was in denial. I certainly didn’t want to accept that this was permanent. I was too determined to turn it around and get well. I thought of myself as a healthy person that was temporarily ill. That there was a mystery to be solved, and once I did, I’d be well again.

Turns out, I was right.

As a last resort, I did the thing I resisted for nine years – I tried the raw vegan, living food “diet”. My body healed itself in four months!

Now, I use my ass-kicking boots as a symbol of how much ass I kick in life on a daily basis! Reaching goals and checking things off of my to-do list feels so much better than counting spoons.

Just look at these boots – I have kicked a lot of ass in the last two years! They are beat-up from frequently walking on the beach and in the forest in the Winter, something I wasn’t strong enough to do before.

I see so many people on social media and blogs post about their suffering from CFS, adrenal exhaustion, fibromyalgia, etc., with long lists of symptoms and meds. I just want to hug them all and tell them “It doesn’t have to be this way! You can get well again!” I know because I was there too.

Spoons are for eating delicious raw vegan ice-cream, and stirring up meals that will heal your body and give you more than enough energy to kick ass in life morning, noon, and night.

Go to the supermarket and load up your basket with fresh, raw, fruit and veggies. Throw everything else away. Then, go get yourself some of these boots. You’re going to need them.

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