Client Testimonials

“I cannot begin to express how happy I am from our session.  It was really amazing and transformed me. I have felt happier, less guilt and anxiety, and feel excited for each day and my future. Thank you so much for facilitating this process.” ~ L.K.

“Thank you so much for coming to my aid on Saturday. I was shocked at how the negative thoughts dissipated, and I felt better physically, emotionally, and spiritually.” ~ J.M.

“Thank you Susan! I am so grateful that the Spirit guided me to you. I understood a lot of things and felt much better! The Angels continued working on me throughout the day, hopefully with all this precious help coming from you and the Angels I’ll let go of everything I don’t need.” ~D.L.

“Your ability to communicate with the Angels is such an amazing gift.  The guidance I have gotten from you via the Angels has been life- changing and very comforting.L.K.

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“I wanted to give you an update: a week after our session I got an incredible (job) offer. I just remained open to what I want instead of panicking and resorting to decisions made from fear – I thank you so much for our session!” ~S.R.

“Words can not describe the amazing connection that I felt with you and God today, thank-you for facilitating. Let’s keep this connection going.You were spot on.”~L.M.

“I am so happy we have met as I am so grateful you have once again opened me in a more intentional and consistent way to my spiritual life, as well as your having a profound effect on my healing. I might add you also have had a profound effect on my son. Blessings to you, Susan, from a grateful heart.“~S

“I want to thank you for the amazing session we just had today! I’m so thankful I did it! You have an amazing gift and it’s an honor to have spoken to you! I thank God, Universe, Love, Mother, Father, Angels for have met you today and bless you everyday!” ~G

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“I highly recommend a session with Susan Sloane! I experienced a deep healing and had clarification on a vital issue in my life. She is a highly gifted intuitive and clairvoyant and a very beautiful and loving being!”~ A.A.

“I just wanted to thank you again by email for the session we had today. It was extremely helpful for me and I know you really made a difference in my life today and going forward.” ~J.M.

Over the many years that I have known Susan many blessings have come into my life as a result of her teachings. She has been a mentor and a guiding light in my life. I know Susan well enough to say that she is a great teacher, a gifted healer, and overall a wonderful being.  ~ C.S.

“I have worked with Susan over the last few weeks, and as a result I have experienced some significant healing on physical issues and emotional wounds.  In particular, some stubborn areas that were stuck in chronic pain have cleared up as a result of the insight and healing methods from Susan.  I’m feeling happier, more empowered and in much less pain.  I highly recommend working with her, especially if you’re already doing the right things to heal but it’s not working.”~J.S.

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The following is a testimonial for a House & Property Clearing: “The property being discussed has been in my family since 1903. It has always felt heavy when I walked in the house and seemed to drain my energy. After my mother passed in the house (she was the 3rd person to do so) I ended up with the house. Staying in the house was hard. Coming home was not something I wanted to do. I couldn’t sleep through the night, and house just never felt right.

There always felt like a presence in the house. My dog would freeze and stare at a spot in the hallway and not move. I was ready to sell the house, it made me uncomfortable. Something needed to be done.

I was talking with Susan and she said she could help. She came and did a house clearing one evening. Within hours the house felt better, lighter, less negative.

Around 2 am the same night, the light in the bedroom closet went on and off several times. I told Susan the next day and she did a remote clearing. It has been a month and the house is so much better. It’s a happy bright and wonderful place. No more issues, no more problems with the dog or sleeping! Thank you Susan for giving me peace!” – M.F.

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