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A message from my Guide

For those of you that have been processing some dense energy lately, I asked my Guide specifically what he would like to tell you for the April newsletter and below is his message.By processing dense energy I mean, being highly emotional or apathetic, depression, meaninglessness, no motivation, physical symptoms like headaches, exhaustion, overall malaise, etc. My own best advice is to let the energy move through you – let it right out through your feet like water. Give your body what it needs. Do not attach to the thoughts by making them your own or your truth. Recognize the voice of the enemy, of the ego, as not your own. Have compassion and love yourself. Pray consistantly and ask your Angels and God for protection. Know that it will pass.

A message from my Guide:

“We would like to inform you that the worst of “things” are over, done, caput. These last few months, while dense on the surface, have been quite fortuitous indeed. There has been much headway made in the progress of dismantling a system that by all means was intended to harm, enslave, and trap you here for eons. While the work is far from over, there are so many beings of light here to assist you now, that the “bad guys”, the ones who have enslaved you are far, far out-numbered. The dark forces will go kicking and screaming, but they will go. Their power over you has ended, and soon you will realize this and rejoice. This is not a pipe dream. It is what you call “reality”.

Now, this in no way means that all systems will collapse and there will be mayhem, etc., as many of you fear. What this means is that there is a “changing of the guard.” The people who are running these systems will change, and thus the intents, effects, and outcomes will also change. All for the better. There is no need to be in fear, unless you have been one of those who has intentionally caused harm to others.

This is a time of boomerang karma. What you intend, think, say, and act upon will have instantaneous effects on you. We advise you to act with kindness, love yourselves as you would your own child, and connect with God all day, every day. You have been told these things for many, many years, and yet you still do not do them.

Do you see how your physical body is like a child to care for? Yet, you constantly make it your slave by pushing and pushing with no regard for its pain. You admonish how it looks, yet you created it. You do not listen to what it tells you, or fulfil it’s needs. You say you feel badly, but don’t do the things required to feel at ease. You have been trained to do these things. Remember and you will see. We are by no means saying to cater to it’s whims. However, there is a great need right now to care for your physical body. Think of it as your conscious companion throughout life. Listen to it. Speak to it. Treat it kindly. Grow stronger in your connection to it. Grow stronger through moving it (excersize). The fitter you are, the more light you can move through it. The quicker you can clear dense energies.”

My Guide continued, saying that these last few months there were “dark and dense energies released from within the Earth itself.” I was shown an image of a black netting held under the surface of the Earth, but not at the core. It was held there with what looked like tent stakes, and was “covering ninety percent of the known Earth.” I could see many people who are working to clear the land – grid workers, shaman, lightworkers, etc., pulling this up and out of the ground, releasing a black smokish cloud into the air.

“This was resonating with the egoic mind and implanted to keep you in cycles of emotional and mental pain. Dark beings were feeding off of the energies you generated – fear, doubt, agony. Constantly poking at old wounds so you could not move past them, or heal them once and for all. This is one example of many recent victories that we are happy to report, and explains the darkness, the stuckness, the breakdowns, the deep purging you have experienced over the last several months. When you are in communication with your physical body, and it is in unison with you, you will clear these energies much more efficiently, and realize they are not your own.”

“ The simplest methods taken as an everyday practice will strengthen your connection to your Higher Self, your inner guidance, God, your conscious environment, (it is ALL conscious), and keep you feeling safe, secure, and aligned during the upcoming changes. Pray, meditate, breathe. Tweak, experiment, go deeper. Ask, listen, act. We are always with you. You are not ever alone.”

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