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5 Books You Need On The Raw Vegan Diet & Juicing

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The two most important things that helped me heal my CFS and AE are diet and mindset. I wrote a bit about mindset here, but the diet aspect cannot be overstated.

There are so many books available now on juicing and the raw vegan diet that it’s hard to know which ones contain the best information. I read a lot of them and I decided to take the advice of authors that had healed themselves, lived a long healthy life, and were writing and teaching about it long before it was well known. We learn from those who came before us, and so I’ve gone right to the original source whenever possible in my quest for the best possible health.

The following is a list of books in which I have found priceless information – the most practical and enlightening – in recovering my health.

I highly recommend all of these authors books, these books in particular:

Fresh Vegetable And Fruit Juices: What’s Missing In Your Body? By N.W. Walker

In this straight-forward, right-to-the-point book, you can look up your health issue, and find out which juices will correct it. I looked up three I thought were unrelated, and all three recommended carrot-apple juice as a remedy. After about two weeks of drinking 32 ounces of carrot-apple juice every other day I began to see improvements that surprised even me! Click here to purchase on amazon.

Walker is the author of at least six books on raw veganism, juicing, and natural living. Born in 1886, he healed himself of a “breakdown” by juicing as a young man. He lived to be 99 years old, and was in good mental and physical health when he passed.

Live Foods Live Bodies & The Juice Man’s Power of Juicing by Jay Kordich

Both of these books have recipes, tons of info on nutrition and food combining, and kitchen how-to’s. The titles say it all, don’t they? These are sizable books you’ll refer to for years. Click here to purchase on amazon.

Jay was known as The Juice Man and The Father of Juicing. You may remember him selling juicers on tv for years. When Jay was a football player in his twenties he was diagnosed with bladder cancer. He refused conventional treatment and discovered juicing. He credits N.W. Walker (see his book I listed) and Max Gerson with teaching him how to cure himself. He dedicated the rest of his life to helping people cure themselves through the power of juicing and a raw vegan diet. He lived to be 93.

Heal Yourself 101 by Markus Rothkranz

This book has a ton of easy-to-read information about starting a raw vegan diet, answers a lot of questions, and will blast through all of your excuses not to do it! It includes instructions for an enema, how to tell if you have parasites and get rid of them, as well as chapters on body work, emotions, and stress. Markus is very passionate and positive about this subject and you’ll catch his positivity coming off the page. Click here to purchase on amazon.

Rothkranz healed his body from multiple severe symptoms and states that his organs were shutting down. He definitely does his research and is well-versed in nutrition and the positive effects of nutrients on the body. I’ve seen his before and after pictures. He went from being sickly with thick glasses at 30, to a buff, glasses-free, 56 year old with tons of energy. He’s been writing, lecturing, and teaching this stuff in America and Europe for years. I’ve read several of his books and take his supplements which are the best quality and give the best results of all those I’ve used. I’ve taken supplements for thirty years, so that’s saying a lot!

Maximize Immunity: And Unleash Your Best Defense Against Illness by Bruno Comby

This book was my introduction to the raw vegan diet. I found it in the library while searching for anything that would help me be healthy again. Written by a French doctor who began curing AIDS patients that were sent home to die by their own physicians that were unable to help them. The main protocol was that they could eat anything they wanted and as much of it as long as it was raw, uncooked fruits or vegetables. His patients regained their health, and lived. This is mostly case studies and the doctor explaining his method and theories. Click here to purchase on amazon.

Here is a paragraph from the book I find particularly interesting, if only for the metaphorical wisdom we commonly miss in ancient tales of “mythology”:

“In Greek mythology, Prometheus stole fire from the Gods in order to give it to mankind. Zeus, the father of the Gods, punished man by sending a woman, Pandora, to open the container where all the plagues and illnesses were stored. This apparently harmless myth takes on a much deeper meaning if one recalls that fire was used almost exclusively for culinary purposes during that epoch in Greek history. If the various illnesses did escape from Pandora’s box, did the transformation of food by fire have anything to do with it? The verdict of the myth is severe: as punishment for his misdeed, Prometheus was chained to a rock where an eagle pecked out his liver for eternity. There is a striking convergence between this myth (suggesting that the use of fire for cooking leads to illness) and the astounding remissions obtained by a natural diet in human subjects and in the cats of Pottenger (raw food=health). Our ancestors doubtless understood, at least subconsciously, that the transformation of food could be heavy with consequences, as they explained in the Prometheus myth.” ~ from Maximize Immunity: And Unleash Your Best Defense Against Illness by Bruno Comby

I think this passage deserves some contemplation. The liver removes toxins from our body, and cooked and processed foods all contain toxins. The liver is also able to regenerate itself in about six months. Without the live-r we cannot live!


Instructions For A New Life by Markus Rothkranz

After a long bout with chronic illness you may need this too. Markus simplifies everything and kicks your ass into gear so you begin again in the right direction. This book has a couple of chapters on health, and has chapters on all areas of life. While reading this I realized I was over-thinking a lot (surprise! Haha) and was able to let go of a lot of mental baggage. I made a few significant, positive changes because of reading this. My copy is heavily highlighted and dog-eared. Two years after buying it I still refer to this book whenever I feel I’ve gotten off track. Markus’s high-energy, positive attitude, and simple yet effective action steps get my head back on straight. It’ll give you many “aha!” moments. Click here to purchase on amazon.

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