How To Stay Motivated On A Raw Vegan Diet For Chronic Illness

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I’ll get to the details of what and how about the actual food in the next post. First, I want to give you the two things that will make you, compel you even, to commit and follow it through until you’re healthy.

One – Your dangling carrot (or carat, if you prefer heehee).

Think of one thing that you really, really want to do, or something that you used to do that you love and miss doing, but are not well enough to do now. Don’t pick something that is so big it’s a once in a lifetime thing, or a major trip, etc. Pick something realistic that will make your life more enjoyable and satisfying on a regular basis. For example, making an art or craft project, doing something special with your child, hiking, joining a meetup group to make new friends, learning a new language, etc. For me it was ballroom dancing.

Keep this goal in mind every single day. Write it down. You’re just going here, not all the way there, to somewhere unrealistic and far off. It’s short-term, it’s doable. You don’t have to be an athlete or in top form to do it. Just better than you are now. Focus on it every single day. Plan for it. I bought the dancing shoes before I was even able to stand for an hour, never mind dance!

Two – What Hell are you avoiding?

Here’s the thing many people don’t like to think about, but for me it’s a HUGE motivator to keep going when I’m not feeling it – What are the consequences if you don’t get well? Is it more of the same? Or worse? What are you missing out on? Where will you end up? What will you lose? Who will you lose? What will you miss out on in life? What potential in you won’t be actualized?

Your answers add up to the the Hell you avoid when you get well. Write these answers down, look at them daily and add to them whenever you’re losing motivation. Consolidate them into one sentence “The hell I’m avoiding is….” and put it on a sticky note on your mirror.

Kick your own ass into gear with tough love.

Your dangling carrot should pull you forward, and the hell you’re avoiding should push you forward. This will help you get momentum going. When you begin to see the real, tangible results from changing your diet (here’s how) your own excitement will give you all the momentum you need to stick with it!

Only you can make yourself well again. No one can do it for you. Only you.

Don’t lose one more day to illness. Click here to read How To Begin A Raw Vegan Diet For CFS & Adrenal Exhaustion.

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