Home & Property Clearing



If you’re reading this page then you already know you need help. You came to the right place!

I have eighteen years of experience in clearing ghosts (people that have passed on), negative beings (entities/demons), and energetic imprints of negative events (fighting, heartbreak, abuse, death) from homes, businesses, and land.

Negative energy imprints can be present from people who have lived in or visited your home in the past. I recommend an annual Home Clearing, like a Spring cleaning, to start fresh. It’s also a good idea when buying or selling a home to have it cleared.

Within a few hours your home will feel lighter, fresher, happier, and most importantly, calm and safe.

A Clearing can be done remotely via phone, or in-person. Both are equally effective at removing ghosts and negative beings and raising the vibration, or overall “feeling” of your home, and will protect you. A remote Clearing via phone can be done anywhere in the world. During an in-person clearing, the energetic imprints can be cleared more thoroughly from objects like furniture, for example. This is important if someone recently passed in the home, or if violence has occurred there. We can discuss this prior to making your appointment.

All of Sloane’s Home, Business, & Property Clearings are 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

If anything “shows up” over the next two weeks, feel free to call or text me and I’ll perform a second Clearing free of charge, remotely.

Home & Property Clearing Sessions are $150 per hour.

All in-person Clearing Sessions are a two-hour minimum, plus travel time from North Eastern Massachusetts. (Inquire about occasional exceptions.)

Please fill out the form below and I will be in touch within 48 hours.

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