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Natural Beauty Remedies From Your Kitchen

Okay, I admit I’m a bit phobic of artificial chemicals in products that go on the skin. (Food and cleaning products too.) Skin is an organ that absorbs whatever you put on it, so I like to keep it as pure as possible. Also, in the past I’ve tried many expensive products that just didn’t work and have irritated my skin. So, in my search I found some items that work great, and I feel good about using them.

Here are some all natural things I use that you can find in your kitchen. If you can eat it, you know it’s safe to put on your skin. These are inexpensive too.

Acne, Breakouts, Blemishes, Razor Burn, Dark Spots, Even Wrinkles – Aloe Vera is a miracle worker! You can buy an 18 inch leaf at the supermarket for a dollar, and it will last you about 6 weeks. Once you cut the leaf from the plant, you don’t have to refrigerate or cover it, it’ll stay fresh a long time. It doesn’t attract insects either. That says a lot about the properties of the plant itself! Take your leaf and slice off about an inch from the widest end. (The cut side will heal itself closed.) Then slice it sideways through the middle, and peel it apart to reveal the gel inside. Before bed, after you wash and dry your face, simply slide the gel side of the leaf all over your face. It dries clear. If you have dry skin, you can use a little coconut oil over the aloe after it dries. Put the two halves back together to keep it fresh, on a plate, to use again until there’s no gel left, about three nights. Then, slice of another inch.

Face Cleanser – I never use soap. I use organic, raw honey. (It’s solid, light-colored, and not sticky. It’s not the heated, amber-colored, sticky honey.) It’s very nourishing for skin, and is antibacterial. It has so many healing properties I can’t list them all. Search: healing properties of honey. $4 for an 8oz jar lasts about a month.

Face Exfoliation – Before washing your face, use about a teaspoon of aluminum-free baking soda on your fingertips and gently rub.

Facials – You can mash up just about any fruit or veggie to ‘feed’ your skin vitamins and minerals. This makes your skin softer, and brings back a healthy glow. Some I’ve used combined or alone are strawberries, avocado, honey, bananas, cucumbers, and pineapple. The bonus is that while wearing one of these you can scare young neighborhood children and small pets!

Make up Remover – A few drops of olive or coconut oil on a cotton ball takes it all off, then gently wipe your face with a facecloth wet with distilled water.

Dry Skin – If you have very dry skin like me, Organic flax seed oil, or coconut oil applied before bedtime, after washing, will leave your skin heavenly soft in the morning. I also use this all over instead of body cream. Just a little goes a long way, and is very nourishing for the skin. Also, consider using distilled water to wash your face. This alone improved the dryness of my skin literally over night!

Puffy Eyes – A washcloth run under cold water and applied to the entire face, then rolled up and laid over the eyes works better than tea bags, cucumbers, or products I’ve tried, to shrink that puffy, tired eye look. Or, keep an eye pillow in a baggie in the freezer. Works like a charm.

White Teeth & Healthy Gums – After years of using commercial whiteners I realized the hydrogen peroxide in them (the ingredient that does the bleaching) is the cause of receding gums, which any dentist will tell you there’s no way to reverse. So I did some investigating and discovered an Ayurveda technique called oil pulling. Turns out, the stains on teeth dissolve in oil, and my gums are noticeably healthier from the nutrients in it, as opposed to the alcohol and chemicals in commercial rinses. I use organic coconut oil or olive oil, swish and “pull” through the teeth for about 5 minutes a day. Spit into the commode to avoid a clogged sink. (you can find videos on this on YouTube, search: oil pulling)

I finish with a rinse of sea salt and water. Sea salt is a natural anti-microbial, and makes my mouth feel cleaner. Once a week I dip my toothbrush in baking soda and gently brush for a little extra whitening boost. (baking soda is also great for cleaning the tongue when it’s coated.) You won’t have fluorescent white teeth, as is popular, you’ll have a natural looking shade of white teeth.

I recommend avoiding fluoride at all costs, in water, toothpaste, rinses, etc. It’s poison in large or small doses. There are many toothpastes available without it, or other artificial ingredients, in the natural food stores. (search: what is fluoride) I have a friend who brushes her teeth with plain old table salt – that’s it – and her teeth are beautiful and healthy.

Toothache – Not really a beauty issue, but worth noting. A slice of raw garlic placed on a toothache works like a charm. It can kill the infection causing the ache while numbing it. Clove oil placed on a bit of cotton and held on the tooth, or wiped with a Q-tip, will numb the area. Use only one or two drops at a time as it’s strong. The pharmacist usually has it in tiny bottles – just ask. Don’t use aromatherapy clove as it’s not food grade.

Dandruff – I’ve read that it’s is actually a fungus, and indicates your body’s pH level is off – not alkaline enough. Whatever the cause, mix equal parts apple cider vinegar and your usual conditioner in a jar and use as you do your conditioner. Don’t worry, you won’t smell like vinegar!

Body Exfoliation – Fine ground sea salt mixed with a little coconut or olive oil to make a paste works wonderfully.

Nail Fungus – Soak nails in apple cider vinegar for ten to twenty minutes a day until gone. I had a mild case on one nail and it went away after one twenty minute soak.

Bloating, or Aching Muscles – This one is my favorite! An Epsom salt and sea salt bath can make you feel fantastic. I use about 3 cups of both salts combined. It’s a bit dehydrating, so if your feeling bloated it’s great. If not, drink plenty of water before and after. I like to put a few drops of lavender or vanilla extract in for scent. You know those drawstring mesh bags you get with jewelry at a craft fair? Fill it with flower petals and drop it in the tub for the scent.

Do you have any all natural beauty tips you can share? I’d love to hear them! Leave them in the comments below…

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