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I Performed An Intense Home Clearing – Then This Happened….

Recently, I performed an intense, multi-generational home and property clearing in Portsmouth, NH, which involved many passed-on family members, Native Americans stuck in time, and several negative entities causing all kinds of problems for the homeowner. Get a cup of tea and read on…

The following is a testimonial from the Portsmouth, New Hampshire homeowner: “The property being discussed has been in my family since 1903. It has always felt heavy when I walked in the house and seemed to drain my energy. After my mother passed in the house (she was the 3rd person to do so) I ended up with the house. Staying in the house was hard. Coming home was not something I wanted to do. I couldn’t sleep through the night, and the house just never felt right.

There always felt like a presence in the house. My dog would freeze and stare at a spot in the hallway and not move. I was ready to sell the house, it made me uncomfortable. Something needed to be done.

I was talking with Susan and she said she could help. She came and did a house clearing one evening. Within hours the house felt better, lighter, less negative.

Around 2 am the same night, the light in the bedroom closet went on and off several times. I told Susan the next day and she did a remote clearing. It has been a month and the house is so much better. It’s a happy, bright and wonderful place. No more issues, no more problems with the dog or sleeping! Thank you Susan for giving me peace!” – M.F.

It was a Wednesday morning when I agreed to do the clearing on the following Sunday afternoon for the homeowner, M. The minute we scheduled the appointment a lot of information and passed-on Spirits began coming into my awareness fast and loud – most of it negative. I called M back and told him I would do a remote pre-clearing that evening to give us both some relief! Ninety minutes in I felt I had done most of the heavy lifting, so to speak. However, when I woke up on Sunday morning, it began again. I knew it was going to be intense, and that I still had a lot of work to do.

When I entered the home I immediately felt heavy, dark energy. The kind that makes people commit suicide or self-destruct in other ways. Feeling into it I found it was made up of emotional fights, heartbreak, a lot of tears, severe illness, and several negative entities, which I’ll get to in a moment.

There was so much going on in this home that one could have charged admission for people to come get a fright or see a “ghost”. There were “passed-on” relatives everywhere – that hadn’t ever left. They were walking through the living room, kitchen, basement, and outside on the property. There were both parents of the homeowner, a grandfather, aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends. I’m not sure why no one had been processed, as I call it, or gone into the Light. It seems they were so deeply bonded to the land that they refused to go.

There were also what I call residual time tracks, or imprints on energy in time/space. These are not ghosts, but are sometimes mistaken as such. It happens when people repeat actions with intense emotion, like sitting in a favorite chair or a single act of violence, for example. The scene will replay repeatedly where it happened until it’s cleared. Kind of like a recorded hologram on a loop.

This home had an unusual amount of mirrors everywhere. Mirrors can be used as portals. Never accept a second-hand mirror. It can be imprinted with the thoughts and feelings of the prior owner which can effect you when using it. Self-hatred, for example. M explained he had already removed “a pile” of mirrors. I advised removing all of them.

After assessing the situation, I said my prayers, called in my Angelic team and lit my indoor campfire. I cleared M of attachments first, and asked an Angel to guard him and keep him clear. We went room by room as I cleared and dispersed the energy. I was witnessing several generations of lives living in the home at once, like layers.

As I entered the master bedroom there were several negative entities there known as demons. A larger one was perched on the roof above. That one had been attached to the most recently deceased, causing habits that were ultimately the source of her illness and death. It was waiting for an opening in M to attach to him and cause the same thing. Two closets and another bedroom also had something dark in them. I asked M if he got the heebeegeebees when near them and he said yes. The Angels contained them all and removed them from the home permanently.

Behind the house at the edge of the woods, I could see a Native American “lookout” watching the owner and for anyone who may come close, in case of danger. M said he always felt watched in the yard but didn’t know by whom. Here again were people stuck in time, not knowing where to go for hundreds of years. I spoke with him and he was very scared. He said his family and other people were in the woods behind him – hiding, starving, scared of war. I told him that the war was long over and he was safe now, and as I made the Light for them, I told him that this is the way home to be reunited with his family. Many, many people came out of the woods, children too, and walked into the light to be freed. That was satisfying to my heart.

I made the Light in front of the home too, and every single one of the relatives went into it. Several gave me messages to relay to M, and I did. I went back inside and finished up by filling the entire home and property with Light. I recommended making many happy memories in the home. It is being renovated which will help too.

This one was a doozy, for sure! I had to leave out some things for time’s sake, but this could have been a lot longer. “It has been a month and the house is so much better. It’s a happy, bright and wonderful place. No more issues, no more problems with the dog or sleeping! Thank you Susan for giving me peace!” Hearing that this client is happy in his home now, and that all the negativity and ghostly activity is gone, makes me so happy. Not only for him, but for all of the passed-on loved ones, and the Native Americans. They are at peace now too.

As always, my home and property clearings are 100% guaranteed. Contact me here for details.


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