Master Intuitive Susan Sloane is a lifelong clairvoyant, clairaudient, claircognizant, clairsentient, and empath, who, as a child had many magical experiences and could see Angels, people that had passed on, and other inter-dimensional beings. She was shocked to learn others could not see them too, so for years she kept it mostly to herself.

a thousand words On her 21st Birthday she was given a book on metaphysics, The Quickening by Stuart Wilde, which, she says, “was speaking my language” and showed her what she could “do” with energy. She describes this as her first quickening, or leap forward in abilities in a short period of time. She read every book on metaphysics she could find, including all of Stuarts books.

Sloane worked in various fields, including accounting and real estate investing, when, in her thirties, had a series of profound experiences and visions, which she calls her second quickening. She began to energetically heal herself and others, and converse clearly with beings known as Guardian Angels and Spiritual Masters, and began writing down their teachings as they spoke, like a scribe.

Over the next two years she experienced what she says was “the Job Initiation”, (referring to the story of Job in the Old Testament) in which everything that defined her identity was stripped from her in a very short, head-spinning, period of time. It was a complete dismantling of the ego, and all things not in alignment with her life purpose.

Her fear and resistance to all of the changes created so much stress that she collapsed from adrenal exhaustion, and spent almost a decade recovering, mostly in bed. She credits that time as a gift, in which she “had to face every inner demon, every wound, imperfection, and belief, and heal it, or I would not heal physically. I was constantly calling to the Light, the Angels, the Masters, to teach me how to do it. And they showed up for me every time.” Susan published some of their teachings in 2012 in a book titled Angels & Masters Speak: Answers To A Seekers Quest For Knowledge & How To Apply It, available on

She continues, “Then one day, a series of miracles began and I was shown that I had not ‘lost’ anything at all. I was given a blank slate on which to write new experiences more aligned with my soul, and create a life authentic to who I am. It is as if I have been reincarnated in the same body. I now have an inner stability that no matter the outer circumstance I am at peace, and know I am surrounded by Spirit Guides who love and protect me. I want this ‘knowing’ and peace for everyone.”

Recently, a new quickening has begun – for her personally and world-wide, and Sloane has returned to the “Spiritual scene” after a years-long hiatus to (re)gather the tribe.

Sloane is now the author of this book, writer, photographer, and healed herself of a decade of chronic illness in four short months. Find out how she did that here.

She is a gifted healing facilitator specializing in Personal Healing Sessions, in which Susan communicates with your Guardian Angel/Higher Self, relaying important information to quicken your healing and to pinpoint the primal cause of illness, blocks, and imbalances, and pull them right out of your energy field on the spot. With her powerful connection to Spirit, love, and compassion, she brings you to a place of clarity, peace, and well-being. She also leads classes on self-healing, and will travel to give them (especially to places warmer than New England).

She is Mom to two handsome young men, and lives in a sea-side town in Northern Massachusetts.