Why Only You Can Heal Your Chronic Illness!

During the decade I had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and adrenal exhaustion, I went to thirteen doctors. The only help they offered was to prescribe anti-depressants “to give you energy”, and amphetamines to give me a drug addiction. I refused them all as I wanted to cure the root cause of my illness, not mask symptoms.

I was angry and frustrated with the medical system for a long time. I had sought help from the people who are supposed to heal the body, and they failed me. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is classified as such by a specific group of symptoms that have an “unknown cause”. Adrenal exhaustion isn’t even acknowledged by the medical community unless you have Addison’s Disease. (I’ll go into how I knew I had adrenal exhaustion in another post. )

Then, I read two things that changed my perspective, and ultimately my health:

The first one was a quote by a doctor who said that 99% of illnesses are caused by poor lifestyle choices. (Slaps forehead) So this isn’t something I caught, or just happened to me? Why didn’t any of those doctors tell me this? (You can google this quote and read the many articles that come up about it.)

Although there is no definitive answer that CFS is caused by the Epstein-Barr virus – which I have, and is now “dormant” according to my primary care doc – it would be great if researchers could determine that conclusively, as it is often posited.

If the EB virus is not the cause, however, and lifestyle is the cause, that also means that I can cure it myself. Good news! By correcting what though?

The second thing I read is that doctors only have 19.6 hours of nutritional training during their entire four years of medical school! What?! Holy smokes! (You can google this too, it’s true!)

This is why a doctor will send you to a nutritionist for certain symptoms. To me, this is like an auto mechanic not knowing what type of oil or gas to put in your car! If my mechanic sent me to a specialist to find out, I’d find a new mechanic! It seems to me that nutrition should be foundational knowledge for a doctor. Also, the nutritionists I have seen do not realize the importance of natural, whole food, as they still recommend processed foods. Have you ever seen a hospital snack tray? Crackers, soda, chips, cookies, etc.

So, armed with those two incredibly important bits of knowledge, I stopped seeking a doctor to tell me what’s wrong with me or how to be well again. They obviously didn’t know. They should have known, but didn’t. I let my anger go.

I had to take complete responsibility for my health and do whatever it took to regain it. And I did.

I made radical choices that worked, and continue to work to keep me healthy!

Read about how I left a decade of chronic illness behind me in four months by clicking here.

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