Angelic Reading & Healing Sessions

What does your Guardian Angel want you to know?

Ask your Guardian Angels questions and receive immediate, clear answers.

Master Intuitive Susan Sloane walks with in a foot in both worlds. A lifelong clairvoyant, clairaudient, claircognizant, and clairsentient, she communicates with your Guardian Angelic Guide – also known as your Higher Self – relaying important information to quicken your healing, and to pinpoint the primal cause of blocks and imbalances, pulling them right out of your energy field on the spot. With her powerful connection to Spirit, love, and compassion, Susan brings you to a place of clarity, peace, and well-being.

With eighteen years of experience, Susan’s method differs from other forms of energy healing in that she does not act as a transmitter of energy, but a facilitator and translator of communication between you and your Angelic Guides while they (your Guides) perform the healing. In this way, there is no third-party (Susan’s) energy transferred to you. The Pure Healing Light comes to you directly from your Guides. The experience is profound and palpable, and the effects long-lasting.

Sessions can include:

Ask your Guide questions and receive clear, concise answers, practical tools, and recommended next steps to achieve your inner and outer life goals for an up-leveling, transition, or healing.

Susan offers much-needed support when feeling overwhelmed, disconnected, or energetically compromised, bringing you to a place of clarity and alignment.

Receive compassionate support, deep, tangible healing, and release blocks with ease.

Clear, strengthen, and recharge your energy field and deepen your connection to your Inner Knowing/Higher Self/Guardian Angel.

Receive tools to use daily to build and maintain that connection and clarity.

Release and healing of trauma, addiction, curses, aura repair, past life issues, attached entities, illness, cords, soul retrieval, and more.

All sessions are by phone. Sit comfortably in your own favorite chair during our time together.

Let’s get to the source of ‘what ails you’ and clear it once and for all.

$75 per 30-minute Session

$150 per 60-minute Session

After you have paid for your Session, please contact us using the form below. We will send you a link to the calendar within 12 hours so you can schedule your Session. Please check your SPAM folder if you do not see our email! Be sure to use the name and email address used at PayPal checkout. 

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