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Six Signs From A Shaman & The Twin Flame Curse Of A Vengeful Gypsy

Recently, I worked with a client over several Sessions to get to the root cause of certain negative things happening in her life. She has given me permission to share most of it here as I think this will give you an insight to how profoundly tangled our past lives can be with our present one, and the relationships within them. Plus, it’s a really interesting story! Sit in your comfiest chair, pour yourself a green juice and read on…

For anonymity, I’ll here be calling my client “Jane”, and the other two parties involved will be “John” and “Janet”.

Jane came to me with two concerns; The first was that there is a pattern in the women of her maternal line that she could confirm for at least five generations. Without exception they were all experiencing the dark side of masculinity- mental, emotional, or physical abuse, fatherless children, poverty, illness/disability, and death in their fifties. (The positive side of masculinity being problem-solver, protector, provider, loving, committed, and faithful.)

The second was this: Under hypnosis eighteen years ago, she had a past life vision of her Twin Flame. She wrote it down and showed it to a Shaman. He then gave her six very specific, physical signs to look for so she would know him when they meet in this life.

Well, all the signs had come to pass, and it ended badly in a few months. This generational pattern was still playing out in her life even as she had been doing the inner work for many years to heal these “issues”.

Rightly so, she asked me “Why wait eighteen years just to have my heart shattered and abused? I’ve been watching for the signs and waiting for this man for so long, not committing to anyone so I’d be free for him, thinking I’d happily spend the rest of my life with him. He is supposed to me my Twin Flame! Why is this happening? It’s like a cruel trick someone is playing on me. I was all in.”

The answers I received from our Guardian Angels were shocking!

They confirmed that he is indeed her Twin Flame. Then, I was given a vision of Jane’s ancestor’s life, which I’ll summarize here:

It was Europe, 1799, a female ancestor of my client Jane, was traveling to the Mediterranian with other women and men for trade and selling goods from her home country in the North. She met a man from a family of Gypsies. The two were enamored with each other, and this man decided to travel with her group to be near her. They fell in love. He eventually went with her to her home country where they lived committed to each other.

Out of the blue, this man abrupty announced he was leaving and went the very same day, blindsiding her and breaking her heart to pieces.”

Then the vision changed to this man’s family that he had left behind, and in particular, a young woman.

She was standing alone in front of a fire at night, speaking in turns the most vile curse one can imagine on Jane’s ancestor, and a binding spell to make this man bound to her forever. The curse she spoke was not only on the woman who “took away” her man (even as it was his choice to leave.) but on all of her female descendants down through the generations. That they would never know the love of a man, they would always live in poverty and sickness, and on and on. She spoke evil words binding this man to her “through-out eternity”, that he would “break his back” to please her with money and love and never leave her again. That she would be the only woman he loves and no other woman would love him “through-out eternity”. (I could see that this, unfortunately, included his relationships with all of his mothers through the generations.) As she spoke certain words she would throw things I could not see into the fire causing it to spark and ignite the flames higher and brighter. She conjured and bound to him a demon to whisper in his ear and confuse him and his actions, and always lead him right back to her.

Then, I was shown that this teenage girl was promised to him, that when she turned a certain age they were to marry. When he went to travel, it left her family in poverty as they were counting on the “bride-price”, they could no longer support her. She would be given for marriage to another, older man she did not like. So, she used all of the anger, heartbreak, and the magickal power she had to make him return and keep his promise.

So, armed with all of that information, Jane and I, along with our Angels, were able to break that curse on her family, permanently.

As soon as we did that, the Gypsy man came into the Session and then ‘morphed’ into Jane’s recent ex John! Then, I was shown that Jane’s ancestor was actually her own past life! This was a surprise to us both, however, all of the dominos fell into place. To wit;

John had been asking Jane for two years to go out with him, but she refused as he had a long-time, on-and-off girlfriend, whom I’ll refer to as Janet. Apparently, it was their usual routine to take months-long breaks then come back together. They had been doing this for years. Jane knew this, but John swore that he was completely done with that relationship, hated Janet, and wanted nothing more to do with her, convincing Jane to go out with him. So, she did, as there was one obvious sign from the Shaman presenting itself.

All went swimmingly, and shortly into their relationship, on the night of a Full Moon and during the next day four more of the Shaman’s signs came to pass. This confirmed to Jane who he was. He told her he loved her, and Jane was falling in love with him, too. To her, this was a dream come true. He would often discuss and plan their future together, how she is the woman he’s always dreamed of, etc. He even said that he felt like “we’ve done this before” in a past life. She asked him several times if he knew who she was and he said no. She didn’t want to say Twin Flame and scare him, or make him think she’s crazy, however, he was initiating the future talk, offered her a key to his house, asked her to move in with him. He told her many lies and made many promises that he never kept. Including telling her that she was (emotionally) safe with him.

Well, I’m sure you have already guessed where this is going. Several months in to the relationship, out of the blue, he became cold and angry all the time but denied anything was wrong. He told her not to make hime a priority. Jane knew what was coming. He made the relationship intolerable on purpose, and one evening got drunk and screamed at her, so she left. The last sign of the Shaman appeared soon after. However, she realized that it had been there since they met. Two weeks later he was seen back with Janet.

This also effected Jane financially as she left her long-time job to help John in his business. She was hesitant to do it, but he offered it to her several times, talking up all the positive points. She was left hanging without an income.

When he showed up in the Session I asked my Angel what Jane needs to know about this, and why would she meet her Twin Flame only to have this horrible, heartbreaking experience?

Here’s what they said and showed me:

He is still paying for the choice he made lifetimes ago. Still bound to the young Gypsy girl. In this life, she is the wealthy one and he wants the status and lifestyle. He doesn’t know why he keeps going back. He constantly has to prove himself but it is never enough. Inside he doesn’t feel good enough to run in her circles. She always wants more, and he’s destroying his health to prove his worth through money. A person’s worth is not in their bank account or possessions, but integrity and contribution to others. He has forsaken these willingly for her but can’t explain to himself why. She toys with his ego to confuse him. They are both sacrificing him out of greed to satisfy this past-life curse where she felt wronged, and he doesn’t see it. She may not even know why she behaves this way or feels bound to him. Janet was the Gypsy girl!

He is in a web of deceit – they deceive each other to play their game and don’t care who gets hurt while playing. Push and pull, back and forth, off and on, it goes. And he can’t get out for good even as it doesn’t make him happy at all, he can’t be himself, and he thinks he can win but never will. Until he steps back and looks at the big picture and examines himself – but that frightens him. He’s afraid of what he’ll see. It will continue to be a vicious cycle until the curse is broken.

Jane was guided to him in this life by his ancestors to help him do this, to free them both, but he couldn’t let go of Janet. Jane and John have not been together long enough in any lifetime to fulfil the purpose of a Twin Flame relationship. They have a soul contract for this lifetime to do just that but, my Angel said, “He did not understand the syllabus.”

His mind is so bound by spells and curses – past and present ongoing by this gypsy – that he only recognized Jane in a brief moment of clarity and was blind again -turned away from her with a string of words used to play on his weakness and exploit it. The gypsy will stop at nothing to sacrifice him for her own wealth and to make him pay for leaving her in poverty in the other lifetime. She couldn’t accept that he left her willingly, or that the outcome of that choice had made him happy.

How many more lifetimes will he play this out? This suffering? The karma he has incurred with the one who was sent to free him must be balanced. If he does not make ammends in this lifetime, then the next. He is bound to her by what he’s done, the pain he created knowingly, on purpose. The law of karma is far beyond spells and gets us all in the end.

The Gypsy bound a demon to him that influences his actions, but the law of karma does not see this. He will be on the other end of it next time around unless there is proper atonement and forgiveness. God sees everything. The mental projections he sends and magick he attempts using mirrors and other tools- nothing is hidden as he thinks. It’s clear as day. All will be balanced one way or another. All karmic debts are to be paid, and she doesn’t have to lift a finger.

In all the lifetimes innumeralable people in her ancestral line have suffered, have been traumatized by this evil curse sent by an angry teenager in 1799. She chose money over love, because this man chose love over obligation.” Now he is the one who chooses money and make-beleive status over love. I felt strongly that John will marry Janet in this lifetime, too.

John has contacted Jane many times since the break-up, wanting to get back together, but he does not even acknowledge the effects of his actions. She feels she gave him ample opportunity to make ammends. He speaks as if it has all been forgotten. Her heart hasn’t forgotten.

Jane admitted that she still thinks of the man he was in the beginning, how perfect it all seemed, like a gift. But now, she said, it feels like an illusion that blew away like smoke in the wind.

This is a great example of a cautionary tale for anyone who believes that meeting one’s Twin Flame is going to result in a happily-ever-after. Which is most of us, really. It is a hard, heartbreaking lesson to learn. There may be factors you cannot see effecting the relationship. Simply because someone is your Twin Flame does not make them a trustworthy person. Anyone who lies, cheats, is abusive, or exploits you should be considered persona non grata. No matter how much love you have for them.

Jane and her family are finally free from the generational curse, and they are already seeing physical, manifested proof.

Share your thoughts on this story or your own Twin Flame experience, below. You know I always love to hear from you!

Do you see negative patterns playing out in your own family? It could be a generational curse. Contact me for An Angelic Reading & Healing Session and clear it once and for all. You can schedule it here.


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